Polymem is providing top quality hollow fiber UF membrane filters for water purifiers and water coolers (mainlyas components of stand, countertop & under-sink type purifiers).The quality of Polymem UF membrane filters has been accepted by a lot of major Korean water purifier manufacturers. With the achievement of NSF 42 certification, we are expanding our market abroad with the quality-driven reliability.

  • 1987 : Development of separated membrane (Hyosung Central R&D center, South Korea)
  • 1989 : Development of separated membrane for ultra pure water for industrial use
  • 1993 : Development of hollow fiber membrane for water purifier
  • 1996 : Achieved IR52 Jang Young Shil Award for hollow fiber membrane for water purifier
    rendered by Korea Industrial Technology Association
    (Introduction of the award: > click ENGLISH on the top right of the web)
  • 2001 : Launch of Polymem Co., Ltd. (spin-off from Hyosung Central R&D center)
  • 2004 : NSF 42 certification achieved for GUF, Clarte, and Puracle
  • 2013 : NSF 42 certification achieved for CUF-02
  • 2021 : Company relocation